Anderson: Fifth Generation:
Children of Lydia Anderson and Paris Horney

Lydia Anderson is the second daughter of John Anderson and Elizabeth Horney. As did her older sister, Elizabeth, Lydia married her first cousin Paris Horney. Lydia and Paris had five children. As noted below, I had not located extensive information about the marriages and families of these children at the time this bit of family genealogy was created. Research in the summer and early fall of 2011 located spouses and families. These will be included here at some time in the future.

Anderson: Fifth Generation
Deborah Horney/James Salsberry

I have been unable to locate any verified information in my various on-line searches for this couple other than two who provide a spouse and year of marriage. According to the genealogies, Deborah married James Salsberry in 1821.

Deborah Horney/James Salsberry

I have been unable to identify any descendants of Deborah Horney and James Salsberry

Anderson: Fifth Generation
Anderson Horney/Phoebe Coppess/Nary Baldwin

When this record was created I did not have any additional information about Anderson Horney. Since then I have found that Anderson married Phoebe Coppess (Coppas?) in 1821 and Mary Baldwin in 1826.

Research on Anderson Horney suggests that Anderson Horney and Phoebe Coppess were married for a very short time. The various genealogies/histories that have a marriage and death date for Phoebe place the two events only a few months apart. Anderson and Phoebe were married in early April of 1821, Phoebe, according to these sources died five months later in September 1821.

Jim Harney’s history has Anderson marrying Mary Baldwin five years later in January of 1826. All of the children listed for Anderson were produced from his marriage to Mary Baldwin. According to Jim Harney, Anderson died the same year that their youngest son, David was born – 1849.

Searches of the US Census records for 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 have turned up probable matches for this family. The names of the children in the census records match with those that I have gleaned from the various on-line sources. In 1850 and 1860 the family name is given as Harney. These records do match up with what I have been able to discover about the family. Anderson Horney is not recorded in the 1850 census, he would not have been as he died in 1849. According to the obituary of his second wife, Mary Baldwin, Anderson died of cholera in 1849. David Horney is listed as “10/12” years of age on the 1850 census, this would have been correct as he was born in 1849 – not sure of the month and day.

The 1850 census lists Anderson and Mary’s children as: Lydia, age 23; Reese, age 19; Caroline, age 14; Eliza J., age 12, Uriah, age 9; Ester, age 3 and David A. age 0. Reese is the given name of Mary Baldwin Horney’s father and Uriah is the given name of her brother. The head of household is Mary Horney (though spelled Harney in that record).

The 1860 census lists a Uriah Baldwin and Joseph Baldwin living with Mary Baldwin Horney and her children: Caroline, age 26; Mary, age 24; Eliza, age 22; Uriah, age 18; Ester, age 13 and David A, age 10. Curiously, Mary is listed in this census but not in the 1850 census record.

I could not find a record for 1870 but did locate Mary Baldwin Horney in the 1880 census living in a home adjacent to her youngest son, David A. Horney and his wife, Esther H. and their children: Clifford, age 5 and the twins Henry and Albert, age 1. The place of residence for the two families is Miami, Greene County, Ohio.

Mary Baldwin Horney lived til 1900 when she died in Ohio, though I have found no evidence of this fact. An obituary for Mary Baldwin Horney confirms the biographic information above. Anderson and Mary were married in 1824 (other records have the marriage taking place in 1826, this latter date would seem to be more likely). She and Anderson had 10 children, five of whom were still living at the time of her death in 1900 at the age of 93.

Mary died while visiting her daughter in Hollinsberg, Ohio on February 25, 1900. She was buried in Glen Forest Cemetery, Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio.

Anderson Horney/Phoebe Coppess

When he was 21, Anderson Horney married Phoebe Coppess, daughter of Adam Coppess and Mary Mock, on 08 Apr 1821 in Ohio. Phoebe Coppess was born in 1800 in Rowan, North Carolina, United States as the fourth child of Adam Coppess and Mary Mock. She had ten siblings, namely: David Devault, John, Peter, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Adam, Daniel, and Alfred. She died on 13 Sep 1821 in Darke, Ohio, United States (Age: 21).

Anderson Horney/Mary Baldwin

When he was 26, he married Mary Baldwin, daughter of Rees Baldwin and Lydia Evans, on 28 Jan 1826 in Greene Co., Ohio, USA.

Mary Baldwin was born on 28 Jul 1807 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia as the first child of Rees Baldwin and Lydia Evans. She had three siblings, namely: Uriah, David Price, and Reese. She died on 25 Feb 1900 in Hollensburg, Ohio (Age: 93). When she was 18, she married Anderson Horney, son of Paris Horney and Lydia Anderson, on 28 Jan 1826 in Greene Co., Ohio, USA.

Mary Baldwin was buried in Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio, USA. She lived in Jefferson, Fayette, Ohio in 1850. She lived in Yellow Springs, Greene, Ohio, United States in 1860. She lived in Miami, Greene, Ohio, United States in 1880. She was buried in Feb 1900 in Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio, USA.

Anderson Horney and Mary Baldwin had the following children:

Lydia Horney was born in 1827 in Fayette, Ohio, USA.

Rees Horney was born on 02 Dec 1830 in Springfield, Williams, Ohio, USA. He died on 10 Oct 1862 in Rolla, Phelps, Missouri, USA (Age: 31). He married Catherine Theresa Warner on 01 Apr 1855 in Colfax, McLean County, Illinois.

Caroline Horney was born on 05 Nov 1833 in Clark County, Ohio, USA. She died on 20 Dec 1930 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

Morgan Horney was born in 1836 in Clark County, Ohio, USA. He died before 1860 in Clark County, Ohio, USA.

Mary Ann Horney was born in 1837 in Clark County, Ohio, USA.

Eliza Horney was born about 1838 in Clark County, Ohio, USA. She died after 1920.

Uriah Horney was born about 1841 in Ohio, USA. He died on 07 Nov 1862 in Gallipolis, Ohio, USA.

Julia Horney was born in 1845 in Ohio, USA. She died in Ohio, USA.

Hester Horney was born about 1847 in Ohio, USA. She died in 1930 in Ohio, USA. She married Charles Hamilton in 1896.

David Anderson Horney was born in Nov 1849 in Ohio, USA. He died on 25 Jul 1902 in Yellow Spings, Clark County, Ohio. He married Hester Adeline Hopping on 03 Jul 1873 in Greene, Ohio, USA.

Anderson: Fifth Generation
Rhoda Horney/John Coppess

Earlier work on this family was limited mostly to finding a husband and did not go beyond this fact. Some additional research in 2011 turned up more details about Rhoda Horney and John Coppess. Rhoda died quite young and John almost immediately remarried as he needed someone to look after his sons from his marriage to Rhoda. The second marriage to Susannah Stevenson produced seven more sons, four of whom survived to adulthood.

Rhoda Horney was born 20 June 1802 in Fayette County, Ohio. She married John Coppess on 8 July 1821. John may have been a Quaker and was born in Rowan, North Carolina. He was born 5 May 1797 and died 28 March 1861 in Richland, Darke County, Ohio. John and Rhoda had three children: John (1822 -1887); Paris H. (1824 – 1853); and Peter M. (1826 – 1867). Peter was Rhoda’s last child, Rhoda died six months after Peter’s birth.

John remarried a year later to Susannah Stevenson on 22 February 1827. John and Susannah had seven children: Andrew (1830 – 1899); Adam Stevenson (1832 – 1917); Jacob P. (1836 – 1913); David (1834 – 1835); Benjamin Franklin (1838 – 1911); Issac Newton (1840 – 1942); and Jasper (1840 – 1840). Three of these seven sons died in infancy.

John died in 1861 in Richland, Darke County, Ohio. Susannah died there on 5 February 1876. The family is documented in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 federal censuses.

Rhoda Horney/John Coppess

Rhoda Horney did marry and had three sons. She died shortly after her third son was born in 1826. This information was obtained in August 2011, the actual register for this family will be created and installed here at a later date.

Anderson: Fifth Generation
16. Esther Horney/Ira B. Mills

Esther Horney enters my genealogical searches through the work of Evelyn Halkyard Vohland in her book Betebenner-Horney and Allied Families. Our Anderson ancestors married into the Horney family very early. First John Anderson married Elizabeth Horney in 1755, then three of their daughters, Esther, Lydia and Rhoda married in the late 1700s and early 1800s first cousins in the Horney line. Then in 1851 Harmon Anderson married Margaret Horney.

The Horney line being followed here are the children of Lydia Anderson and Paris Horney.

Esther was born 12 December 1806. She is the fourth child and third daughter of Lydia and Paris Horney. Esther married Ira D. Mills in 1826, she and Ira had eight children: Rhoda (1827-1858); John M. (1827-1833); Louisa (1828-1901); John Riley (1830-1845); Eva (1830-1839); Paris (1832-1912); William (1834-1898) and Lydia (1835-1926)

Esther Horney Mills is said to have died 13 November 1836 in Vermilion County, Illinois. Esther and Ira’s youngest child, Lydia would have been only a year or two old when Esther died. It seemed probable to me that Ira would have remarried; I did find his marriage to Mary Dillon on 28 December 1837 in Vermilion, Illinois.

Ira, Mary their children and those of Ira’s previous marriage to Esther are found in the 1850 and 1860 census. Ira and Esther’s daughters, Rhoda and Louisa are living with their father and step-mother in 1850. Rhoda is only five years younger than her step-mother, Louisa is six years younger.

Family histories suggest that Ira is descended from Mendenhalls which would link this family to the Quaker community here in Illinois and perhaps to the Quaker communities in Ohio from whence Esther’s family came.

One final note, the daughters of Paris Horney and Lydia Anderson seem to have died quite young. Esther was only 30 years old when she died, her sister, Rhoda, was only 24 when she died. Note also that their father, Paris, also died when he was relatively young. He was 32 when he died.

16. Esther Horney/Ira B Mills

16. Esther Horney (Lydia Anderson4, John3, James2, James1) was born on 12 Dec 1806 in Fayette County, Ohio and died on 13 Nov 1836 in Vermillion, Illinois at age 29.

Esther married Ira D. Mills, son of John Mills (1774-1846) and Charity Mendenhall (1777-1858), on 7 Dec 1826 in Vermilion County, Illinois, USA. Ira was born on 4 Dec 1806 and died on 8 Apr 1880 at age 73

Children from this marriage were:

   F    i. Rhoda Mills was born on 4 Dec 1827 in Illinois, USA and died in 1858 at age 31.

   M    ii. John M. Mills was born in 1827 and died in 1833 at age 6.

   F    iii. Louisa Mills was born in 1828 in Illinois, USA and died on 23 Aug 1901 in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado, USA at age 73.

   M    iv. John Riley Mills was born on 19 Nov 1830 and died on 30 Jan 1845 at age 14.

   F    v. Eva Mills was born in 1830 in Vermilion County, Illinois, USA and died in 1839 at age 9.

   M    vi. Paris Mills was born on 3 Dec 1832 in Vermilion County, Illinois, USA and died on 13 Jan 1912 in Syracuse Hamilton, Kansas, USA at age 79.

   M    vii. William Mills was born on 31 May 1834 in Vermilion County, Illinois, USA and died on 30 Jan 1898 in Arnold, Custer, Nebraska, USA at age 63.

   F    viii. Lydia Mills was born on 18 Dec 1835 in Vermilion County, Illinois, USA and died on 13 Oct 1926 in Douglas County, Kansas, USA at age 90.

Anderson: Fifth Generation
17. Parris Horney/Ann Mariah Boblett/Keziah Ketchum

Parris (Paris) Horney is the youngest of Lydia Anderson and Paris Horney’s five children. Parris was born 11 November 1807 and died 15 August 1877, just a few months short of his 70th birthday. Parris was born in Ohio and lived out his later years in Montgomery County, Indiana.

Parris married Anna Mariah Boblett 21 December 1831, probably in Greene County, Ohio. Parris and Anna Mariah had five children: John (1832-1872); Elizabeth (1835-1872); Peter (1837-1912); Lydia (1839-1884); and Daniel Horney (1844-1893). Anna Mariah died 23 January 1847, a few years after the birth of her youngest son Daniel was born.

Parris married Keziah Ketchum 17 May 1848 in Montgomery County, Indiana. Keziah and Parris had no children together.

The 1850 census of Sugar Creek, Montgomery, Indiana lists the family: Parris, Keziah and the children: John, age 17; Elizabeth, age 15; Peter, age 12; Lydia, age 10; and Daniel age 6. Paris is a farmer. Paris and Keziah and their family are living on a farm adjacent to his aunt Rhoda Anderson Horney and cousin Paris Horney, his wife Rebecca and children.

Parris and Keziah are still living in Sugar Creek, Montgomery County Indiana in 1860. The two oldest children, John and Elizabeth have left home. Peter, age 23, Lydia (Tidda in this record), age 20 and Daniel, age 15 are still at home with their parents. In this recorded Paris is listed as a blacksmith.

In 1870 Parris and Keziah remain in Sugar Creek, Montgomery County, Indiana. All the children have now left home and are presumably on their own. The couple is living on a farm next to the middle son Peter and his family (I presume). Parris and Keziah have a hired hand helping them with the farm and Parris’ occupation is once again reported as “farmer.”

Parris died in 1877, a few months short of his 70th birthday. Keziah is reported as head-of-house in the 1880 census for Stockwell, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Keziah is now 56 years old an her companion is her grand-daughter, Norvelie age 9. There are no obvious relatives in the immediate proximity on the Census pages.

I located Keziah Ketchum Horney in the 1900 federal census for Lauramie, Tippecanoe County, Indiana where she is living with her grand-daughter, Pearl Adams and her family. Keziah is 77 years old. According to the on-line Anderson-Walston Family Tree (at created by “gettingthereatlast,” Keziah died in 1900.

17. Parris Horney/Ann Mariah Boblett

17. Parris Horney (Lydia Anderson4, John3, James2, James1) was born on 11 Nov 1807 in Fayette County, Ohio and died on 15 Aug 1877 at age 69.

Parris married Ann Mariah Boblett, daughter of George Boblett (1783-1872) and Elizabeth Roy (1793-), on 21 Dec 1831. Ann was born on 17 Apr 1809 in Pennsylvania, USA and died on 23 Jan 1847 at age 37.

Children from this marriage were:

   M    i. John Horney was born on 8 Oct 1832 in Ohio, USA and died on 31 Mar 1872 in Indiana, USA at age 39.

   F    ii. Elizabeth Horney was born on 4 Aug 1835 in Greene Co., Ohio, USA and died on 2 Jan 1872 at age 36.

   M    iii. Peter Horney was born on 22 Apr 1837 in Indiana, USA and died on 8 Dec 1912 in Lang, Saskatchewan, Canada at age 75.

   F    iv. Lydia Horney was born on 14 Mar 1890 in Indiana, USA.

   M    v. Daniel Horney was born in 1844.


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